Since 1938


The late 1930’s and early 1940’s were a period of turmoil and uncertainty. Many of the lifelong dreams of hard working men and women came crashing down as World War II took its toll.

My grandfather was one of many men who took pride in what he could create with his bare hands, his vision and his imagination. As an accomplished carpenter for most of his life, he knew the characteristics of great furniture making. He appreciated detail, fine tools, intricate inlays and master craftsmanship.

He spent decades carefully crafting piece after piece for sale in a popular furniture store. He saved his money in hopes of one day creating his own furniture line. Like many businesses of his time, he was never able to fulfill his dreams due to the economic and business hardships faced by many families.

Each family had a different hardship story to tell. My grandfather remembers the day a bomb went off in his building and he witnessed the destruction of many buildings in the city where he lived. There was no food for days and so many families suffered. While his dream never materialized, his vision and timeless secrets have been passed down to a new generation dedicated to seeing his dream come true. Exclusive Heritage is the ‘must have’ collection of artistic brilliance and restored elegance. It is a wide selection of furniture where each piece has a story to tell and a life of its own.

When you invest in furniture and accessories through Exclusive Heritage, you are among the discriminating buyers across the globe who choose shapely pieces, fine detailed lines and unique stylings over mass production and common materials.

Passion And Mission

A new generation has vowed to honor the vision and dreams of their loved ones by bringing their treasured family secrets alive again. They embraced their motivation for design by creating classic and modern fused furniture pieces that can become part of your family history and traditions. They understand that master craftsmanship is an art as much as a science. It comes from the beauty of one man’s eyes and his vision for something greater than to fill up the space in a corner. It is a conversation piece and keepsake all at the same time.

It is a great honor to carry out the mission and vision of my grandfather as well as the dreams of many men from that era in time. As we bring closure to their dreams, we also create new ones for our own generation and those that follow.

Our Products

There are so many interesting ways to bring together today’s tools with our traditional craftsmanship skills. Imagine how inspiring the creations must be.

We value quality, history and elegance to bring you today’s diverse product lines. Although each piece is unique, it carries the tradition of the noble pursuit of my grandfather and others of his same generation. When you see our new furniture line, you are instantly reminded of a time where the primary motivation in creation was to take your breath away with designs, carvings and details of timeless elegance and beauty.

Our new furniture line is perfectly suited for those who have an appreciation for well built traditional furniture of past generations, yet updated and exquisitely designed to fit into today’s modern built homes.